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Our Services


We can help with tree maintenance, shrub trimming, and other services to keep your property safe and beautiful. Request the service you need today when you want an experienced, safe, and professional team to handle your project.







Atlas Tree Service in Spokane, Washington, offers comprehensive and professional tree trimming, removal, and shrub pruning service. On-time and reliable, we make sure the job is done right and meets your budget. We also go above and beyond typical safety program requirements.

  • Land Clearing        
  • Limb Removal       
  • Brush Chipping      
  • Total Cleanup       
  • Windowing            

  • Dead Wooding      
  • Fire Prevention      
  • Tree Removal  

• Storm Damage Repairs 
• Tree Preservation 
• Shrub Preservation   
• View Trimming & Clearing
• Cavity Work, Cabling, & Bracing          

• 24-Hour Emergency Service 
• Hazard Tree Removal  
• Ornamental Pruning 


Clean Up So Good You Can't Tell We Were There! 

Decorate Your Life With Us!

Tree Trimming

Properly trimming your trees will keep them strong and healthy and will also protect your property. Without diligent trimming, your tree may succumb to rot or have stunted growth. A damaged tree can also pose a danger to the people and structures on your property.


Tree Removal

There's no tree too big or small for our expert staff to remove. We offer low-impact tree removal services for those that are hard to reach or simply not wanted anymore. We have a variety of methods, such as crane removal or roping, that we use to safely take down the tree. If you have a tree that has fallen on your property or home, we can remove that as well.


Shrub Maintenance & Removal

Let us come make your shrubs look great with our maintenance service, or we can clear the property by removing unwanted shrubs.


Other Services

Whether you need a complete clearing of the property or ornamental pruning of your hedges, we can help. Call us first for all your tree and shrub questions and concerns; we'll provide an affordable estimate and superior services.




Contact us for tree trimming, shrub pruning service, or tree removal.

Call (509)-448-5192,  North & Valley (509)-928-4522

Serving Spokane County, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, & Cheney